Sunday, April 20, 2014

Time as an Element Final

For this assignment, we were asked to portray time as an element in our piece. Immediately I knew that I wanted to use dried paint as a material in my piece as it has intrigued me in the past and I thought that it would create a good representation of time. I also decided that I wanted to paint two of the same faces, but use different colors to portray the different moods that a progressing day creates. I am really proud of how this piece turned out and am very excited to present it at my first art gallery in the North Carolina Museum of Art!

A link to this gallery is as followed:

Because this piece took "time" to complete, I have created a timeline of how I got to the final piece.

One of the most exciting things to me about this two part collection is it's ability to tell a story and the different interpretations that viewers take. I think that I was really able to communicate a message through my pieces. I was trying to create the message that throughout the day, the environment might change, but the individual stays the same. Through the materials that I chose to use, I think that I was really able to create that feeling. I have improved in my technical skills a lot over the years, and through that, I have also improved in my ability to create a deep message in whatever I have created. I think that I improved in this skill with this piece, as everyone who has looked at it sees something different, and that is such a great compliment for me as an artist! I hope that as you view my pieces, you are able to create your own message and I hope that it is an one :)

One of the main reasons that I think that this piece turned out so well is because I was really open to collaborating with other artists in my class and asking for advice. I believe that being open to others views and having a second set of eyes really enhances one's vision, and I am so grateful to have such wonderful artists in my class to share that with. Originally, I was planning to paint the faces in normal skin tones, when one student had the idea to paint them in black and white, which I think helps get the vision across much more effectively. I am so blessed to have a great group of surrounding artists that encourage and aid each other! Some of their blogs can be found below. They are all extremely talented!

Come out to view my work at the end of summer at the NCMA!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Perspective Project Ideas

For this next assignment, we are working in groups to create a mural on a wall in our school that portrays or incorporates perspective. My group consists of some other students in my class; Jessica, Rachel, Nora, Chassity, and myself. We brainstormed a lot of ideas and decided we wanted to create a mural that looked as if we punched through the brick wall. We also decided that we wanted to incorporate perspective more than in the physical way. We came to the conclusion to collaborate by each choosing a place that inspires us (our perspective on what our inspiration is) and join them into one. Each portion of the mural will also use perspective to get the idea across. 

Here are our beginning thoughts: 

We got all our thoughts on paper and then did a larger sketch in which we chose a basic color scheme. The main part that I will be working on is a mural of a scene in Alaska in which I saw a couple of summers ago and continue to be inspired by. The picture shows my perspective artistically as well as physically. We combined our perspectives together and completed  this collaborative final sketch in water color. 

Here is our final sketch:
We are already enjoying working together and can't wait to display out creation to the school!!