Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mixed Media- Amusement

     For this project, we were introduced to a new medium that I had never truly worked with before. We were tasked with creating a multi-media piece of artwork that parallels to the theme of  "Amusement." Everybody makes collages as a kid, the kind with magazine pieces and glue, so this was kind of like one big arts and crafts project! I really had a lot of fun with this assignment because it was cool to see how I could push myself to make everything looked unified, but also show variety.  I was able to accomplish this by using different colors that compliment each other all within one color scheme, as well as using different shapes of different sizes that all fit together. Also, I used the different material choices in more than one place, and as I kept doing it, it looked more and more like one unified piece. It was definitely a challenge to try and determine what looked good placed next to what, and what would make certain things be more emphasized, but I think overall I was able to accomplish unification as well as variety at the same time.
    I am really intrigued by what people have found amusing throughout the ages, so when I was brainstorming ideas, my mind went on the track of the vintage era. I came up with the idea of vintage toys and vintage photography, but as I was sketching, I felt much more inspired by vintage photography. I began with the basic outline of one camera with picture frames surrounding it and began finding images online, in magazines, and images that I created with different found materials. Other materials that I used that created the vintage feeling of when photography was first being used and the amusement that people found through it were old newspaper, tissue paper, and I also experimented with the technique of pen on watercolor. Overall, I am really happy with how this turned out. It is nothing like what I pictured it might turn out when I was first getting started, but that's the beauty of mixed media-there are no mistakes! I think that this image really portrays what I was intending to accomplish with my theme but it a new and unique way!
Completed Mixed Media Project

Up Close- Top Right 

Up Close- Bottom Right