Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Portrait Stencils

Original Photo (My best friend and I!)

Finished Product
I really enjoyed this project. Believe it or not, this started as photograph (which I was very inspired by because I love this girl :))  After much messing around with it in Photoshop, the photo was transformed to be just four colors based on the value of that shape. We then transferred those value shapes onto posterboard, carving them out to create our own stencils. After the stencils were finished, we spray painted the layers of values. Many days later, after waiting out the rain and then the muddy grounds that followed, the product was finished, a re-creation of the original image, just much more colorful!

This project was interesting, from the design process to the completed product. It was really neat to see how what we learned about value in the classroom could transfer to different kinds of art, not just what you can create with a pencil and a sketchbook. I do think that there was some things that I could have done differently, including paying attention to the precisness of the stencil and maybe a different color scheme, but considering this was my first time even picking up a bottle of spray paint, I think that this was pretty sucessful! I value any experience that I can get working with a new medium and learning a new skill that will help my personal art. I hope that you enjoy as much as I enjoyed working on it!