Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Contour Line Shoe Drawing

Contour Line Shoe Drawing

For this assignment, we had to draw a shoe using contour lines and contour lines only. Contour lines are basically lines that define the shape that you are trying to create. This shoe is drawn using only one continuous line, just shaping them differently to form a sneaker.

We had spent days doing contour drawing after contour drawing, everything from blind contours (of which I will not be posting, your welcome) in which we had to draw an object with one continuous line without looking at the paper, to drawing pretty much any inanimate object in sight.

Through the use of filling up probably five or six pages of my sketchbook creating these contour line drawings, I think I have grown tremendously as an artist. Not that I will be going around drawing shoes all the time, but learning how to use the contour lines has helped me to get out of thinking that I have to draw what I think I see, as opposed to what I really see. I believe that this will help me as I continue to grow as an artist and with all mediums as well.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Value Forms with the iPad

Forms using values made on the iPad
In class, we have been studying value and how it impacts the two-dimensional drawing. We had previously been doing this with pencil or with oil pastels, but with this assignment, we had the opportunity to use the iPad. The iPad has an App called Layers Pro that allows you to virtually "paint" on it. In a way, using this App was very similar to using oil pastels because the techniques used were similar. The App allows you to use layers to go back and fix mistakes and in addition, a blending tool could be used to blend the colors together. This was also similar to using oil pastels. My "painting" did not turn out exactly how I had planned, but I think that overall, it was a good experience. It allowed me to elaborate on the skills that I had previously acquired.

Using technology to create something like this was new to me. The use of technology can allow you to create many things that paper and pencil does not allow. However, I don't think that using technology allows the artist to be as creative. Nonetheless, this is a different medium to explore that can really help to improve art skills. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience that I gained from this!